Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2015 photography competition

Further to the great success of the photo competitions since we went digital
for the first time we invite you to take part again this year. Please submit
your photos before the end of January.

There is now a category for the Best Group Photo thus catering for the many
photographers who have taken good photos of a mixed group of cyclists. The
winner in this category will receive the brand new Pete Mitchell Memorial

Please use this method for sending the photos to us:

       Visit this website: https://dbinbox.com/swlda_competition
       Enter the access code: "WingedWheel"
       Using your File Manager locate the photo(s) on your computer and
drag them onto the big turquoise rectangle.
       You may find it easier to click on the "+Choose Files" button and
select, then 'open', each photo using your file manager.
       Repeat this for each of the photos you intend to submit.

N.B. When using this website to transfer photos it is not necessary to sign
up to dbinbox or Dropbox even if you are invited to do so.

Send an email to me, Tim, confirming the name and CTC membership number of
the photographer, and for each photo list:

       the filename (e.g. P1040276.jpg)
       the competition category for which the photo is being entered
       a short, descriptive caption

The rules and categories are simple:

Competition Period: Photos taken during the 2015 calendar year.

Your photos must all illustrate a connection to cycling by depicting a
bicycle for example, or other cycling association.

You may submit a photo or photos for every category.

   6.1. Person (male) or people
   6.2. Person (female) or people
   6.3. Action
   6.4. Scenery/landscape
   6.5. Building/buildings
   6.6. Humorous or funny
   6.7. Best group photo

Note that the award for a winning photograph in each category will be given
to the photographer who took the picture, not to the model.

[If the method for submitting photos described above does not work for you
please let me know as there may be a work-around. As a last resort I will
ask you to email your photos to swlda.photos@gmail.com . Attach a single
photo to each email and in your message give the information about the
photographer, category and each photo, as above.]

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Winter solstice (well almost) ride on Saturday the 19th December.

The weather today was unseasonably mild, it reached 17c in North Kent apparently. This tempted out 23 riders for the two rides to Oaks Park and Garson's Farm.
  Most elected to follow Godfrey to Esher and I led the remainder to Oaks Park, where Colin joined us from Beddington Park. I noticed two new custom built electric bikes to add to Anna's and it was good to welcome Gillian back after a longish absence. 
  On the subject of electric assisted bikes I was told that it's best to get them custom made, rather than have a battery fitted on the pannier rack as can be done. Apparently the latter method puts strains on the frame that it is not designed to cope with, needing regular repairs. I suspect we will see more of these bikes as time goes on and the technology improves.
On the way up to Banstead and into a strengthening headwind, a flowering daffodil was spotted by the roadside.
  After the tea stop it was all downhill with the following wind. Most peeled off and only three were left by the time we returned to Nonsuch.
  Thanks to Brian for back marking.

Christmas Dinner at the Prince of Wales in Cheam

  21 members of the group made it along to this annual event. The food was fine, service prompt, and company great. It was a bit unusual to see fellow riders in normal clothes.
  Thanks to Lynda for organising the event. Photos by Colin.