Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Saturday rides whatever the weather...

You might have thought, after the heavy snowfalls, icy conditions and freezing weather last week, that the Mansion House meet-up might be cancelled last Saturday.  But that is not the case.

"Our CTC Beginners rides have been publicised so widely over so many years - and many times prospective riders have been assured there will definitely be someone at the Mansion -  it is really impossible ever to justify cancelling whatever the weather," commented Shirley, who cycles to Nonsuch Park with her husband Colin every weekend throughout the year, to ensure that anyone who wishes to enjoy a social, friendly leisure ride on a Saturday afternoon can do so. Their regular commitment is supported by a team of ride leaders - all volunteers - who take it in turn to lead the rides out.
Shirley's report of last weekend's ride follows.

Both Godfrey and Sue Bellamy were at the Mansion when we arrived this afternoon, followed by Brian Bent and Mo.   Our destination was agreed as the Lower Morden Lane garden centre, especially when Mo realised this would mean we did not have to cycle up Hillcross!   Colin led us via Green Lane (where a length of rough path is currently being resurfaced between the school and the stables where the tarmac'd  Merton stretch starts).  
After a very pleasant tea, we crossed the A24 into Elm Road West, thence through the roads named after trees to join Ridge Road.   This led us down to the Pyl Brook path and through to Henley Avenue.   From the Malden Road we turned into Netley Close and up the path in Cheam Park (parallel to the Malden Road), across the top of the Park (passing the trees newly planted by volunteers and Councillor Mary Burstow a few days ago) and down through the woods back to the Mansion House.   Mo was quite surprised that she suddenly knew where she was!

A pleasant afternoon, if a bit chilly at times.