Thursday, 28 July 2016

The future of this blog

  If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for information about what the Beginners Group does, including details about planned rides in more depth than you can get from the basic information on the website.  This is why I started the blog originally.
 In recent months I have found my cycling life to be taking a different path, mainly due to family commitments, and I have not been attending on the Saturday afternoon rides which are the core of the Beginners Group activities. I have continued to use the blog to advertise Intermediate rides, but now find I will be giving these up after a final ride in September.
  It therefore seems appropriate that either the blog should be handed over to someone who is a regular attender on Saturdays, and who also likes writing about cycling, or cease from the end of September.
  If you think you might be that person, contact me on fredallcard@gmail .com. You will probably need a Google account as well, though not being wise to these things I might be wrong.
Harry Cole

Monday, 11 July 2016

All day Intermediate ride to the coast on Saturday July 18th

  Tony Hooker will lead this popular annual ride. The ride starts at 9am in Nonsuch Park and after cresting the North Downs a halt will be called in Horsham for elevenses.
  Thereafter the ride will continue to the coast at Shoreham and onwards to Brighton. Return will be by rail on the infamous Southern Rail Service, or the strong can ride back.
  Nonsuch to the coast is around 48 miles and there are some rolling hills on the way, so this is one of the more challenging rides.