Monday, 17 December 2018

Invitation to enter the 2018 Photo Competition

Please see the full details of how to enter the 2018 Photo Competition on the Wayfarers blog or click on this link which will take you there.

We'll look forward to seeing your creations. If you have any queries please contact me.

~ Tim

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Beddington Park ride to Morden Park 17/11/18

We are still used to the summer and the day felt cold enough to make you think twice about going out, but it was Beddington Park Saturday and Colin could not take charge; we had promised to take his place.

We had reconnoitred one of the original Quemby routes (#2) the previous day; paths rarely ridden in recent times.  Roy and John, Anna and Roger, Paul and Maggie; six of us turned up and after passing through the young lads doing their wheelies we cycled downstream on the Wandle Path.  This is familiar but today it raised the spirits.  Jays, the clear, racing water of the river, the wet, golden leaves (take care!), and the beauty of a cold, autumnal day in brilliant sunshine.  We shared the pavement for a short while with the men and boys walking to their football at Tooting and Mitcham.  At Ravensbury Park we began the lesser pedalled route, crossing Saint Helier Avenue, Central Road and the London Road  and entering Morden Park by Links Lane on its North Eastern corner to take the narrow, fenced track which we have not ridden before and which comes out at Lower Morden Lane, a few yards from the garden centre there.  The tarmac of the path has deteriorated, the carpet of leaves was deep pile and the low winter sun was bright in our eyes (a problem we had not experienced during the drizzly recce!), it needed a couple of gears below what you would expect.

Merely a pleasant saunter in the fresh air, perfect for Roy, who was feeling just a tad below his best, and for John, recovering from his cataract operation, yet we all really enjoyed it, rediscovering an old route.  And who should we meet at tea but Shirley, Richard and Lynda, enjoying their own afternoon.

Homewards as the sun went down and the chill wind began to set about our fingers and our faces.  We split up at Angel Bridge and Maggie and I rode home through a quintessential late South London autumn Saturday, the cheers as Carshalton Athletic scored a goal coming to us over the houses.  Home to a change of warm clothes, a mug of tea and a buttery crumpet; what more can you ask of a Saturday afternoon?


Monday, 12 November 2018

2018 Annual Report

You are cordially invited to read an unexpurgated final draft version of the 2018 Annual Report which will be discussed and, if all goes well, approved at the AGM.

From our website's home page hover over 'Information Hub' then click 'Reports and Minutes'. Double click on 'Annual Reports' and select the '2018 Annual Report (final draft)' by double clicking on it.

Numerous people have contributed and it is a good read. Your reward for coming to the AGM will be your very own printed copy.

Time to get excited, the AGM is coming!

~ Tim C

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting

CTC South West London will hold its AGM after Elevenses
at 11:00 am Wednesday 14th November.

Please be on time.

The venue is the same as last year, just a short walk from the Queens Road exit from the Day Centre.

All Saints Hall
All Saints Roman Catholic Church
13 Queens Road
KT12 5LU


The hall is located at the back of the premises. There are two halls with a shared entrance. Our meeting is in the Small Hall.

There are no bike racks but there is plenty of space to park bikes against the buildings near the hall entrance. Please bring your bikes to the hall rather than leave them at the Day Centre.

There are normally plenty of spaces on the premises in front of the church for anyone arriving by motor vehicle, with access from Queens Road.

Our Treasurer, Simon has advised that due to the current low annual subscription rate (£1 p.a.) we will not be hiring a bouncy castle this year.

~ Tim

Friday, 19 October 2018

QUIZ: How are your group riding skills?

Just for fun - we are pleased to announce an ANONYMOUS quiz about how you ride in groups. You get to give a score for yourself, and also for the others in your group, We don't ask for any names and don't store any info about you personally. We will attempt to summarise the results in a future Sou'Wester. It should take about ten minutes to answer the questions, and another two hours to discuss the results with your friends, should you choose.

If you'd like to do the quiz, click here. Please don't enter any names in the comments either!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tony's All Day Ride - 13th October

Five riders left Waterloo Station for Little Venice on a lovely October sunny day. We followed the Regents Canal on its way to the Limehouse Basin.

On the way we stopped for tea at Wetherspoons in Camden Lock, Victoria Park for lunch and the final tea stop was at the Imperial War Museum where we viewed the poppy display, very impressive.

Onto Clapham Junction for our trains home.
A short ride, not many miles, approximately 20 but very interesting.

Thanks for the company



Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wandle Fortnight 2018

Eight people signed up for Saturday's ride along the Wandle Trail from Beddington Park as part of Wandle Fortnight. Colin, Ken, Paul & Maggie duly waited outside the Pavilion cafe but no one arrived. However, an unsuspecting Mulah, sitting resting on a bench with her new bike, agreed to join us.

Mulah had been cycling around Beddington Park regularly in order to become a more confident cyclist so that she could reduce the time it took her to get to work. As yet she hadn't cycled on or across roads.

After an adjustment to her saddle we set off slowly through the park to follow the Wandle trail. As Mulah became more confident we crossed the London Road in Hackbridge and made our way through Butter Hill. By the time we got to Morden Hall park, spotting Stephanie avoiding the Nonsuch ride with small children, Mulah was happy and smiling.

Colin hides behind a sunshade!
Our return ride was uneventful and we established that Mulah had cycled twice as far as she had cycled before.  One very happy cyclist whom we hope to see next month.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Report for the ride on 8th September

Eleven riders left Kingston for Runnymede, stopped for elevenses at Walton Bridge then onto Egham. We had lunch at the National Trust café, then checked out the Jurors artwork chairs. Headed back along the Thames to The Walled Garden for tea. The weather was kind. Thanks to Maureen for back marking and to the corner markers.



See this route on Strava

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Dr Bike at the Environmental Fair, Carshalton

Shirley and the Dr Bike team meet the Mayor, Steve Cook and his wife Pauline.

Dr Bike team busy doing free cycle checks. 

1960's bike
Quote of the day "There is nothing wrong with my bike. It has no brakes pads at the front and it is stuck in second gear"

On questioning, the new brake pads were at home!

4 bikes need new homes. During the day we were offered 4 old bikes which have been kept in garages. More information to follow.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Long ride Saturday 18 August: Stoke d'Abernon

Nigel lead 13 of us to Stoke d'Abernon Squires for tea.  Here we are locking up round the trolley park before our well deserved cuppas!  We were impressed by the exceptionally good quality homemade cakes in this Squires café. It would be perfect if only there were better provision for parking our bicycles...

And here we are homeward bound heading up Wilmerhatch Lane.
 I stopped at the end of Pleasure Pit Lane to grab this shot.
 Not quite quickly enough!

Epsom Downs ride 7th July

On our way up! Enjoying the shade near Wheelers Lane, Epsom Common.  A short rest before crossing Dorking Road, following Woodcote Green road down to begin the challenge of Chalk Lane...which was also helpfully shady on such a hot afternoon.

Sue, Alice and Ron enjoying sunshine and ice creams

 Colin and Sue overlooking the race course -  and looking forward
 to the long ride down!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Seven Go Cycling: Beddington Park Ride

In the absence of Colin, Paul led the group from Beddington Park this afternoon. Ken, John, Anna, Roy, Steve and Maggie had to circumnavigate a bright pink limousine which had duly dropped a bride at the church and was now attempting a three point turn. Obstacle navigated we met at the Pavilion cafe and agreed to follow one of our favourite 'evening ride 'routes. 

We left the Park to cycle up Demesne Road then turn right on Montagu Gardens and left onto the Bridle Way.  We crossed the railway on Bridge Road and made our way up through Wallington to the French War Memorial on Promenade de Verdun. We stopped briefly at the avenue of Lombardy poplars for those who hadn't cycled there before to read the plaque and discover the significance of this tribute. 

Then through Woodcote Village Green, across the A237, down Meadow Hill and through Woodcote Park Golf Club (where, miracle of miracles, they have filled in some potholes) to Clock House.  We made our way through the woods which were not too muddy but where Steve had a minor mishap when he tried to carry a log between his mudguard and his tyre.  Struts reassembled, mudguard bent back into shape, we cycled up Rectory Lane and past the Woodman along the top to Pistachio's in Lady Neville Recreation Ground, Banstead for refreshments.

From there, down the hill (where they have definitely not mended any potholes), past the prisons and turning up past the Royal Marsden, cruising downhill to Woodmansterne Road.  One last climb up Metcalfe Avenue past the Stanley Park High School and then easy coasting down to Wallington where we parted with Ken; the others had peeled off as we went along.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Saturday 11th August - All day ride

14 riders in total met at Nonsuch.  Alice Betts, Sue Bellamy, Yasmin, Paul and Maggie, Rob and Ruth, Lillian, Maureen, Steve, Ray Wren, Karen, Steve Hobbs and myself.   We proceeded at a leisurely pace via Belmont and Sutton Lane to Banstead and then climbed Hazelwood Lane to enjoy the ride along the top.   A new house is almost finished on Markedge Lane, built on the site of the old farmhouse which we remember as Fanny's Farm.  Many of the old outbuildings still remain but the tree house is a pile of logs in the garden.

We then took the North Downs way through Gatton Park, following the signed route until we reached the public bridleway, a little rough and gritty in places but cyclable with care.  In less than a mile we were at the gates and onto tarmac.   We rolled down to Reigate, joining an off road cycle path at the bridge.  Coffee at Bojangles will wait for another day.. we retrieved a few who overshot the butcher's shop turning and headed south on Park Lane.  Another hill to climb and we were in the lanes.  

Through Leigh and on to Brockham for lunch at the Royal Oak.  A bit of a wait for some food but very obliging bar staff who served us with a smile and as the sun was still shining most were happy chatting in the garden.  Then off for the second climb of the day up Box Hill which all achieved with ease !   Tea at Walton on the Hill .  Maggie and Paul stopped at the small independent bike shop in Walton to get Maggie's puncture fixed, Ray Wren had had a problem with a tyre earlier and made his own way home.  No other technical difficulties.  Thank you to Maureen for backmarking and for all those who came out.  Not a lot of miles but a lot of them were uphill !


Thursday, 19 July 2018

Details for ride on Saturday 11th August

This all day ride will set off from Nonsuch Park at 10:00am, not from Kingston Bridge as previously advertised.

We will climb to view what remains of Fanny's Farm and then descend through Reigate, Leigh and Brockham

See you there


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Saturday 14th July - Tony's ride to Worthing

Nineteen riders left Nonsuch Park on a bright sunny morning and stopped for elevenses at Tanhurst Farm, Newdigate.

John Bellamy then left us and we continued, accompanied by Will's harmonica to Partridge Green for lunch at the Partridge (7/10) not brilliant but fair.

All refreshed we made our way to Shoreham where Mags and Will left us for their stay in Hove. We continued along the sea front cycle path to Worthing.

At Worthing Pier we met up with Angie and we all had tea at the ice-cream parlour and afterwards we made our way to the train station.

Thanks to Christina for back marking and the others for helping out, making for a great day out.

Regards Tony

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Sunshine along the river

The shorter ride on Saturday was to Epsom Downs so nine of us went on the longer ride led by Nigel. In sweltering temperatures we took a leisurely trip to Teddington Lock. The Thames path was a bit awkward at Kingston because of road works and the pedestrian bridge at the lock was its usual annoying self but the riverside ride was delightful. Plenty of space at the Flying Cloud café for much needed ice cream because the crowds were in the pub next door watching the World Cup, a cue for our grumpies to air their views!

The ride back through Bushey Park and Thames Ditton was if anything even more pleasant. Despite predictions because of the flower show, Hampton Court was traffic-free.

Back at Nonsuch by five the remaining five of us took a thoroughly deserved shandy in the Red Lion at Cheam.

Good day out all told. Thanks, Nigel.

Written by Paul James

Sunday, 10 June 2018

All day ride to Charlwood

12 of us left Nonsuch park in lovely sunshine  Saturday 9th June destination Charlwood, cycled up to Epsom Downs, enjoyed a welcome coffee at Walton on the Hill where John and Tony left us for family commitments, continued down Pebblecomb Hill through Brockham and & Leigh left into Deanoak Lane right Irons Bottom right Collendean left into Charlwood, where we enjoyed lunch in the garden of The Half Moon, we returned up Norwood  Hill right Collendean, right Horse Hill crossed the A217 left into Meath lane and Lonesome Lane crossed again A217 to Sandcross Lane left Slipshatch Road and right into Betchworth, enjoyed a welcome tea stop in the new café in Brockham, home over the golf course Pixham Lane Leatherhead, Ashtead and Epsom.

Big thanks to Sue and John for back marking.  thank you all for your company, I clocked 41 miles a good day out.


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Message from Tony about Saturday's 'all day' ride

Don't forget about Maureen's 'all day' ride to Charlwood this Saturday. Departure is scheduled for 10 o'clock from the Nonsuch Park Mansion Café.

She will want to leave on time and expect everyone to be on their best behaviour.

~ Tony

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Happy 85th birthday Ron Weeden

All his SW London CTC friends wish Ron Weeden a very happy birthday today.  Earlier this month, his family hosted a lovely Sunday tea party to celebrate Ron's 85th birthday, bringing together his friends and family for this very special occasion.  Held at his son's lovely house and garden near Leigh, we all enjoyed a very special tea, with delicious home made sandwiches and cakes. A special commemorative birthday card was designed by our CTC artist Brian Bent.  We all hope to enjoy many more cycle rides in Ron's company!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Ride to Greenwich on Saturday the 12th May

  Thirteen riders assembled under cloudy skies at Morden Hall Garden Centre. Rain was forecast for around 3 pm. We went down the Wandle Trail to Earlsfield then up to Wandsworth Common with its hundreds of footballers. Across to Clapham Common and through the back of Brixton to Brockwell Park. Thence to Dulwich, again very crowded for a halt at the cafe by the lake. The sun, at this point, made a fleeting appearance. Finally, after a halt on Telegraph Hill for the view we descended to Deptford and the rather quirky monument to Peter the Great by the Thames.
  This was a bad omen for almost immediately we had a couple of mechanicals and it also started to rain. After a fruitless search for a local bike shop, three decided to head home by train and the remainder sought out a sheltering tree at the top of Greenwich Park. The rain got heavier and after an abbreviated "picnic" we headed across Blackheath Common and down a steep hill to the Waterlink Way at Lewisham. A puncture was repaired under a railway bridge and we headed onto Ladywell Fields where the path was covered in downy white seeds which turned to a paste in the rain and clogged up underneath mudguards. The size of the vegetation a testament to all the recent rain.
  We emerged  after Cator Park and headed up Crystal Palace Hill in steady rain to Cadence Cycles and use of their track pump. By now another rider had left to get the train home and it was decided to abandon plans to have a tea stop at the Rookery Cafe on Streatham Common. Descending from Crystal Palace is great until the road kicks up again at the top of Streatham Common, but we all made it and the fast descent down to the A23 and Streatham Vale was a bonus. Thoroughly damp by now we finally got back to Morden Hall Park just before 5 pm.
  Despite the rather dismal conditions, the enthusiasm of the group was a tonic and the ride was quite an achievement for some who had not done it before. Sue and John Bellamy acted as back markers.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Ride to Greenwich - Saturday 12th May

I can confirm the ride to Greenwich will start from Morden Hall Park outside the garden centre at 10 am. We will have a break in Dulwich Park and a picnic (hopefully) in Greenwich. We will return via the Waterlink Way, Crystal Palace Park, and Streatham Common. 

Birthday tea for Ron Weedon

Our good friend Ron Weedon celebrates his 85th birthday this month!  His family are hosting a birthday tea for CTC friends next Sunday 7th May, 3-6pm near Brockham.  If you would like to cycle there in company, a group ride will leave Mansion House, Nonsuch Park at 1 pm.

Friday, 20 April 2018

14th April - Saturday all day ride

Seven riders set off from Nonsuch Park to take tea at Clevedon Park café in Richmond, where I took this photo of the famous Magnolia tree.

We cycled on via The Grand Union Canal to Osterley Park for Lunch. Last stop was Richmond Park where, unfortunately, John had his Garmin stolen. Otherwise a good day.



[John has since advised that it was a Cat-Eye computer, approximate value £30, rather than a Garmin, approximate value £300, which was filtched from his bike.
~ Tim]

Sunday, 1 April 2018

31 March: Delightful daffodils at Easter weekend

Delightful daffodils in Hampton Court gardens. Left to right: Colin, Sue, Shirley, Lynda, Caroline, Yasmin, Ken.

Sue and Caroline
 Suddenly, it seemed, everything was in blossom for our Saturday afternoon ride this weekend. Cherry trees, magnolia, hyacinths, anemones and lovely daffodils alongside the roads and pathways on our route, welcoming in the Easter weekend.
Yasmin and Lynda
 Unusually, our schedule did not include a destination this week.  After a brief discussion at the Mansion House, our group agreed to ride to Bushy Park for tea. 
Shortly after we set off, there was a heavy shower but we carried on regardless, following route 75 through Worcester Park, Old Malden, Berrylands and Kingston Market. The rain had eased off by this time so we enjoyed a pleasant tour through Bushy Park from the gate round the corner from Kingston bridge. The enclosed gardens overlooked by the Pheasantry café made a pleasant setting to enhance our enjoyment of tea and cake! We lingered chatting until shortly after 4 o'clock, then headed back via Hampton Court.  We couldn't resist stopping for a photo in the gardens at Hampton Court, where the daffs proliferated wonderfully in the spring sunshine. Home through Thames Ditton, Chessington and Ewell Court Park arriving back in Nonsuch Park at around 5.15.  Thanks to Helen for leading, Caroline for backmarking, and all for good company on a lovely spring afternoon ride!

24 March at Hampton Court bridge (south side)

A somewhat grey afternoon, but our brightly dressed cycling group enjoyed their ride to Five at the Bridge for tea. Lynda lead us via Surbiton (to deliver a newsletter ) through to Kingston centre, then along the river to Hampton Court.  We returned via Thames Ditton and Chessington, a favourite route home.  Thanks Lynda and all for a very pleasant afternoon ride and sociable tea.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Saturday rides whatever the weather...

You might have thought, after the heavy snowfalls, icy conditions and freezing weather last week, that the Mansion House meet-up might be cancelled last Saturday.  But that is not the case.

"Our CTC Beginners rides have been publicised so widely over so many years - and many times prospective riders have been assured there will definitely be someone at the Mansion -  it is really impossible ever to justify cancelling whatever the weather," commented Shirley, who cycles to Nonsuch Park with her husband Colin every weekend throughout the year, to ensure that anyone who wishes to enjoy a social, friendly leisure ride on a Saturday afternoon can do so. Their regular commitment is supported by a team of ride leaders - all volunteers - who take it in turn to lead the rides out.
Shirley's report of last weekend's ride follows.

Both Godfrey and Sue Bellamy were at the Mansion when we arrived this afternoon, followed by Brian Bent and Mo.   Our destination was agreed as the Lower Morden Lane garden centre, especially when Mo realised this would mean we did not have to cycle up Hillcross!   Colin led us via Green Lane (where a length of rough path is currently being resurfaced between the school and the stables where the tarmac'd  Merton stretch starts).  
After a very pleasant tea, we crossed the A24 into Elm Road West, thence through the roads named after trees to join Ridge Road.   This led us down to the Pyl Brook path and through to Henley Avenue.   From the Malden Road we turned into Netley Close and up the path in Cheam Park (parallel to the Malden Road), across the top of the Park (passing the trees newly planted by volunteers and Councillor Mary Burstow a few days ago) and down through the woods back to the Mansion House.   Mo was quite surprised that she suddenly knew where she was!

A pleasant afternoon, if a bit chilly at times.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Details about riding to David's funeral

Dear friends,

David's funeral will take place next Thursday, 15 February, at 4.40 pm at the North East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane.    We suggest meeting by the Tesco/petrol station on the London Road (A24) opposite Langley Avenue where there is space for a dozen or more cyclists.   From here we will ride via the Hamptons to cross Green Lane and follow Pig Lane to the back entrance to the Crematorium.   There are no Sheffield stands so bring good locks!

We will see you outside Tesco/petrol station ready to leave at 4 pm.

If you cannot contact Colin or me, Lynda is the alternative.

We do not know if there is a wake or gathering planned for afterwards.


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bike Beans Café lease

Sue Bellamy found this piece of unwelcome news on Bike Beans' Facebook pages and has forwarded it to us:

"Over the Christmas period I have taken the very difficult decision not to personally renew the lease on Bike Beans Cycle Café which expires at the end of March 2018. Having thoroughly enjoyed & dedicated 6 fantastic years to 'fuelling the revolution' and building a fantastic community, I feel it's now time to move on and make way for "new blood".
My overwhelming desire is that Bike Beans Cycle Cafe continues under new ownership. I am already underway looking for a suitable successor, with this aim being supported by both the Landlord and the Club committee.

What does this mean for our customers & members?

Business as usual from the team & I until the end of March.

From April and beyond the aim is to find a successor to take our vibrant little business forward.

So if you or you know anyone that maybe seriously interested in ‘living the dream’ and taking on a well established, award winning Cycle Cafe with a strong reputation and following, as well as 200 Club members, then please contact me. Feel free to share .
07941 535837

I look forward to this ‘great thing’ carrying on .... I better go and open up .... See you soon !


2nd Feb.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Details for David Aylett's funeral

Dear Friends,

David's daughter, Karen, just over from Australia, has phoned us today to advise that the funeral will be  on Thursday, 15 February, at 4.40 pm at the  North East Surrey Crematorium in Lower Morden Lane.    I have been asked if there will be "a two-wheeled group cycling there".   Please ask Colin or me if you would like to join this.

Tributes sent to me in response to my email are being forwarded to Dawn and her family.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

David Aylett has died

We have just received the very sad news from Shirley that David Aylett has died.

Richard Aylett, David and Dawn's son phoned Shirley this morning to tell her that David passed away last night.

Over many years David has been such an enthusiastic participant in the life of the club and and we remember him with gratitude for many things but especially for being instrumental in the founding of the Saturday group some 20 years ago.

We extend our condolences to Dawn and to David's family.

~ Tim