Monday, 22 August 2016

Riding across Wisley Airfield

  Stephanie's ride to Pyrford least Saturday encountered problems crossing the derelict Wisley airfield.
Fences and barriers of earth and old car tyres now cross the runway, though this possible to circumvent these on foot round the edges. Bikes then have to be lifted over the gates at the former entrance.
 Apparently, the planning application to "develop" part of the site with 2,000 homes and a school with access to the A3 at Ockham roundabout was rejected in April. Another plan to build a waste transfer site near the end at the Ockham Roundabout has not progressed, so this monument to a bygone age of aircraft manufacture at Byfleet remains. Bridle paths cross the site which allow transit, though these are not always rideable on bikes.
  Nevertheless, the group out last Saturday posed for this picture, taken by Stephanie.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Stephanie's ride to Pyrford on Saturday the 20th August.

The ride was uneventful and all seemed to enjoy the route.  The 'Bermuda triangle' around Coxes Mill claimed a couple of stragglers but luckily they joined us at lunch.  They  got stuck behind at a traffic light and missed the wiggle through the fruit farm.  A cyclist called John (sorry, there are so many of them I should have asked for a second name, distinguishing feature was a grey beard )  joined us at lunch, he had seen the blog and decided to join us on his way back from a ride to Guildford.  

  Crossing Wisley airfield was interesting  as attempts are being made to restrict access. Piles of tyres have been placed at either end of the airfield and new railings affixed at the farm gate where we usually squeeze out. All obstacles were easily surmounted as we followed the tyre tracks of the many cyclists who obviously continue to use it.  I don't know if planning permission has been granted or not but the farmer is certainly making the most of his land in the meantime with bumper crops of sweetcorn surrounding the airfield on all sides.

  We were very lucky with the weather after the torrential downpour at precisely 10 o clock that meant many arrived soaked to the skin.  Not a drop more all day, though the wind was beginning to get up as we all departed for home after tea at Garsons Farm.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Ride to Pyrford this Saturday 20th August

Led by Stephanie.
Leaving Kingston Bridge (outside TKMax) at 10.00.  The route will follow the River Thames and Wey Navigation to Pyrford Lock for lunch.  Returning via Wisley and Stoke d'Abingnon for tea at Garson's Farm at Esher.  Circa. 40 mls.