Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ride to Osterley Park on 21st June. Led by Dawn Moriarty

Nonsuch 10am at café   - leaving promptly -  to the river at Kingston - Teddington Lock - over the bridge - to Twickenham
where we cycle along the river to Richmond - stopping at a café -  then Isleworth, Syon Park, Brentford,
Grand Union Canal to Osterley Park.  There is a nice café and also bring own lunch if required.
Then back to Isleworth via a different route - to Richmond - through Richmond and up the hill into Richmond Park
turning right to Kingston Gate and then left to the Ladderslide - and down through the opulent Coombs - Maldon and back to 
Richmond Park.  probably 30 miles although I haven't measured it.  Going at a happy sociable pace to suit who turns up.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Message from Barbara Johnston

My family would like to thank Midweek Wayfarers  and Beginners Club for all the things they have done for and looking after my Les the last few years.  Les never gets enthusiastic about anything. After our 2 week guided tour of Sicily the leader said to me I have had no feed back from Les for 2 weeks. I said what are talking  about I have had none for 50 years. Les retired when he was 62. I said to him there are these old codgers meet at North Cheam on Wednesday morning are you going to go with them. No comment back!  On the first Wednesday of his retirement I mentioned it again before I went to work. When I got home that night this non committal man was full of it. They had 11ses at Cobham and some one who was eighty paid for drinks so I was told all about that. He was saying how much he enjoyed it and how lovely the scenery  was.  Full of it.  He said to me they are not called Old Codgers they are Midweek Wayfarers.  That Thursday night he took me to Leatherhead and walked me along the river to show me the scenery. So maybe you impressed him. He is nearly 86 now and has had all this years of pleasure. 
Thank you.  The Johnstons.