Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Dr Bike at the Environmental Fair, Carshalton

Shirley and the Dr Bike team meet the Mayor, Steve Cook and his wife Pauline.

Dr Bike team busy doing free cycle checks. 

1960's bike
Quote of the day "There is nothing wrong with my bike. It has no brakes pads at the front and it is stuck in second gear"

On questioning, the new brake pads were at home!

4 bikes need new homes. During the day we were offered 4 old bikes which have been kept in garages. More information to follow.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Long ride Saturday 18 August: Stoke d'Abernon

Nigel lead 13 of us to Stoke d'Abernon Squires for tea.  Here we are locking up round the trolley park before our well deserved cuppas!  We were impressed by the exceptionally good quality homemade cakes in this Squires cafĂ©. It would be perfect if only there were better provision for parking our bicycles...

And here we are homeward bound heading up Wilmerhatch Lane.
 I stopped at the end of Pleasure Pit Lane to grab this shot.
 Not quite quickly enough!

Epsom Downs ride 7th July

On our way up! Enjoying the shade near Wheelers Lane, Epsom Common.  A short rest before crossing Dorking Road, following Woodcote Green road down to begin the challenge of Chalk Lane...which was also helpfully shady on such a hot afternoon.

Sue, Alice and Ron enjoying sunshine and ice creams

 Colin and Sue overlooking the race course -  and looking forward
 to the long ride down!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Seven Go Cycling: Beddington Park Ride

In the absence of Colin, Paul led the group from Beddington Park this afternoon. Ken, John, Anna, Roy, Steve and Maggie had to circumnavigate a bright pink limousine which had duly dropped a bride at the church and was now attempting a three point turn. Obstacle navigated we met at the Pavilion cafe and agreed to follow one of our favourite 'evening ride 'routes. 

We left the Park to cycle up Demesne Road then turn right on Montagu Gardens and left onto the Bridle Way.  We crossed the railway on Bridge Road and made our way up through Wallington to the French War Memorial on Promenade de Verdun. We stopped briefly at the avenue of Lombardy poplars for those who hadn't cycled there before to read the plaque and discover the significance of this tribute. 

Then through Woodcote Village Green, across the A237, down Meadow Hill and through Woodcote Park Golf Club (where, miracle of miracles, they have filled in some potholes) to Clock House.  We made our way through the woods which were not too muddy but where Steve had a minor mishap when he tried to carry a log between his mudguard and his tyre.  Struts reassembled, mudguard bent back into shape, we cycled up Rectory Lane and past the Woodman along the top to Pistachio's in Lady Neville Recreation Ground, Banstead for refreshments.

From there, down the hill (where they have definitely not mended any potholes), past the prisons and turning up past the Royal Marsden, cruising downhill to Woodmansterne Road.  One last climb up Metcalfe Avenue past the Stanley Park High School and then easy coasting down to Wallington where we parted with Ken; the others had peeled off as we went along.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Saturday 11th August - All day ride

14 riders in total met at Nonsuch.  Alice Betts, Sue Bellamy, Yasmin, Paul and Maggie, Rob and Ruth, Lillian, Maureen, Steve, Ray Wren, Karen, Steve Hobbs and myself.   We proceeded at a leisurely pace via Belmont and Sutton Lane to Banstead and then climbed Hazelwood Lane to enjoy the ride along the top.   A new house is almost finished on Markedge Lane, built on the site of the old farmhouse which we remember as Fanny's Farm.  Many of the old outbuildings still remain but the tree house is a pile of logs in the garden.

We then took the North Downs way through Gatton Park, following the signed route until we reached the public bridleway, a little rough and gritty in places but cyclable with care.  In less than a mile we were at the gates and onto tarmac.   We rolled down to Reigate, joining an off road cycle path at the bridge.  Coffee at Bojangles will wait for another day.. we retrieved a few who overshot the butcher's shop turning and headed south on Park Lane.  Another hill to climb and we were in the lanes.  

Through Leigh and on to Brockham for lunch at the Royal Oak.  A bit of a wait for some food but very obliging bar staff who served us with a smile and as the sun was still shining most were happy chatting in the garden.  Then off for the second climb of the day up Box Hill which all achieved with ease !   Tea at Walton on the Hill .  Maggie and Paul stopped at the small independent bike shop in Walton to get Maggie's puncture fixed, Ray Wren had had a problem with a tyre earlier and made his own way home.  No other technical difficulties.  Thank you to Maureen for backmarking and for all those who came out.  Not a lot of miles but a lot of them were uphill !