Wednesday, 22 September 2021

If you go down to the Park today........Beddington Beginners, 18 September

It was Wandle Fortnight and Beddington Park Saturday was ridiculous; traffic jams as dozens of cars vied for limited car parking spaces.  When eventually we fought through the traffic and got to the Pavilion Cafe, we found Colin fit again but nobody with any firm plans about where to go.  There were eight of us, including Jackie, a newcomer, who is recovering from injury and preferred a shorter ride than some of the group wanted, so we decided to offer two rides.  The Wandle Trail was to be avoided, given the likely crowds of walkers, so Colin took Jackie and Paul B to Telegraph Track in an effort to rendezvous with the short ride from Nonsuch.  Paul J took Maggie, Ken, Anna and Roger on the (nearly) flat route to Crystal Palace.

To get to Crystal Palace we went at a leisurely pace along the start of this year's Greenwich ride as far as South Norwood Country Park.  Then, cutting north for Crystal Palace Park, we avoided the mistake we made last time and on this occasion religiously obeyed the traffic flow laws.

We had good coffee and tea and excellent cake at Brown and Greens near the "Dinosaur Playground".  The dinosaurs are stock still in the day but if you come down to the park at night, you're sure of a big surprise.  Eventually we had to remount and go home, past Selhurst Park football ground and through West Croydon.

No near-misses with vehicles, no rain, cycling legally up one way streets, the ride was a triumph and everyone enjoyed it, or at least told the leader they did, so that he would lead again.

Written by Paul J

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