Saturday, 9 October 2021

Beginners Saturday ride to Wimbledon 9 October

Report by Ian Prince

Just three of us took the long ride today, the rest going on the short ride to Long Ditton. 

Anyway despite a pinch puncture near the Hamptons (my second issue of the day….I missed the all day Saturday ride due to a blown out valve earlier in the morning, on my way to Nonsuch), you come prepared and with second tube of the day inserted we made it to Wimbledon Mill cafe for a drink. 

Wimbledon Common

Strange what you come across in Richmond Park, London. 

Random cyclist in a dutch velomobile who turms out to be in one of my other racing clubs. So I asked if I could try it! Tight clearances all round. But it does have a charge point for two mobile phones as it also has a decent on board 5v output battery for front and rear lights too.  Aerodynamic and with huge luggage space at rear, quite pratical too. 

Anyway, I didnt try a drive off! 

So we returned to our own bikes for a smooth run back to Sutton as the dusk set in. 

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  1. Ian tried to get into and out of that Velomobile, with consummate ease, which is NOT what happened when I tried to do the same. Terrifying experience. I had visions of being stuck in it for the remainder of my life!!